Invocation of Lucifer

I created an audio track to invoke Lucifer into your body, mind and soul using the powerful invocation ‘Lord of Ascending Flame’ created by Asenath Mason. My brother J.D. Temple has released it on his youtube channel:

Lucifer Invocation



Q&A with Lucifer


– How do spirits control people’s minds? Do they just put a certain outcome in their thoughts?

It’s not that simple. See it as a tiny planet on a square. You can either push the ball off the edge for it to fall or you can move the square itself. Mind manipulation works with positioning the ball more to the left or to the right before it moves, this decides the outcome. It’s not relevant whether the ball or the square makes the movement.

– What can you tell me about Yahweh?

He is a powerful god as so many people feed him energy. I know why you ask this question. You are still thinking in terms of hell and heaven and about judgement after this life.

– Yes, if people create their own outcome then how can there be a punishment?

There is no punishment. There are many different realms. Christians who follow Yahweh will go to heaven, but it is one of many worlds after this one. Hell is not a place of punishment, where Yahweh sends the sinners. It is the infernal realm where people who are spiritually awakened can decide to go to for themselves after this life. It is the realm where I reside with many other beings.

– How should I picture my existence in this realm as a human soul?

Many sorcerers have chosen to become demons in this realm and are now existing just like us, helping humans in order for them to spiritually ascend.

– Why do spirits help magicians? What’s in it for you?

It is not our goal to provide people favours, it is our goal not to. Once you become spiritually awakened you won’t need our help anymore as you are your own god in control of your reality and any outcome. Every thought will manifest.

– You say you are always protecting me and always watching over me. Then what’s the purpose of evoking you if you are already here?

It is not easy for people to understand the concept of time, space and dimensions. Once you fully understand how it works, you will see that every single thought is connected. In every situation where you need me, you will automatically create this thought and I will manifest.

Durga Cleansing Ritual

I want to share with you one of my cleansing recipes based on the divine power of Durga (Shakti). Very powerful and quite simpel.

What you need

– 4 white candles
– bucket filled with warm water and salt
– white sage
– incense: frankincense and dragonsblood
– youtube

The ritual

– Play the following mantra on youtube: OM DUM DURGAYE NAMAH (

– Place the 4 candles in the cardinal directions around the bucket.

– Light the frankincense and the dragonsblood. The combination of the two is known to cause one of the highest vibrations, this will banish low frequency beings such as astral parasites.

– Now light the white sage and blow the smoke into the bucket.

– Put your right hand in the water and chant the mantra. Visualize the power entering the water from your vibrating throat chakra through the palm of your hand. Keep doing this for a couple of minutes.

– Enter the shower, hold the bucket above your head and empty it. Cleanse yourself fully. Soon as the water hits your skin you will feel all negative energy exploding and disappearing down the drain.

– Now…smile. This last step is very important!

My Occult Life

Greetings and welcome to my Blog! I’m a practicioner of the Arts who started exploring the realms of magick as a teen to handle a problem which seemed impossible to fix using mundane ways. Now in my thirties, I can say I’ve made quite an interesting journey throughout several aspects of the Occult.

This Blog is to share some of my experiences, opinions and views with those who seek beyond, those who oppose dogmatic religions and seek Knowledge, Wisdom and Power by experiencing the Force behind the veil for themselves, without prejudice and judgement based on man-written stories.

So, let me tell you more about me…

Phase 1 – The Fascination

Starting off as a neophyte – lacking a proper teacher – I gained my first spiritual knowledge by reading as many books I could get my hands on in the local, old scool library. After studying the Abrahamic religions, I continued with the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian religions, Mesopotamian and Aramaic mythology, Roman and Greek polytheism and the Celtic and Norse believes.

Coming from a christian household, I kept my “hobby” mostly to myself. In reality my parents were rather agnostic and leaning strongly towards science, but they didn’t approve me experimenting with the unknown…which made it all way too exciting for me.

Phase 2 – Trial and Error

I took a first step towards Wicca and came in touch with a female practicioner who talked me through the basics; the four elements, the tools, casting a circle, some alchemy and a list of warnings. After months of practicing rituals – and failing them – I felt like I was missing a crucial thing. I couldn’t feel a magickal shift nor did I see any changes occur. Disappointed and feeling rather stupid, I decided to leave the occult adventure behind for the time being.


Phase 3 – Discovering the Key

A couple of years later, I came in contact with an experienced black magician who mentioned the importance of energy manipulation and visualization during rituals. I suddenly realized this was the key I had been missing all along. I bought myself some books on meditation techniques, chakra’s, mantras, mudras and immersed myself into the Oriental systems, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism.

I started to see patterns in relation to Gnosism, so I began to experiment with my astral senses. After a successful astral projection, I knew it was time for me to step back into the circle and I started evoking elemental spirits, olympic entities and angelic beings.

Phase 4 – Dedication

I was dazzled by the results and my hobby suddenly turned into a lifetime passion. All the magical moments I remembered from my childhood suddenly made sense and fiction became fact.

I continued my journey towards the more dark, infernal realm of demonology, fascinated by the mystical and seemingly dangerous rituals I came across in the antique grimoires. Satanism, Luciferianism, Witchcraft, Yatuk Dinoih, Haitian Voodoun, Palo, Kabbalah and other forbidden rites, it was all pure mindcandy to me.

Phase 5 – The Present

At this point, I don’t label myself as a follower of a specific religion or spiritual system. I consider myself to be a Chaote, mixing different techniques of workable systems to create my own rites and spells. Whatever works for me, does the trick, simple as that.

The deities I relate to the most are Hekate, Kali, Gaia and last but not least…Lucifer. This amazing, misunderstood god has become the center of my workings and has truly cleared all obstacles on my path towards a state of Enlightenment.

To me, magick isn’t a paranormal, spooky thing anymore. It’s a scientific field somewhere in between psychology and physics, in which the use of terms like archetypes, perception, synchronicity and the placebo effect of esotheric acts could lead to a better understanding of the human brain and it’s capacity to influence reality.


You can find me at facebook:

The Tongue Goddess

There I was, entering the shadow of a light source that went from artificial to divine. Along with the creation came a sense of awareness, not macabre nor evil, just the nothingness. And there we were, connected into the void surrounded by a new type of darkness, blacker than black, but more pure than the brightest star on the astral plane.

As I felt my Ajna chakra open, new colors began to appear. Not from the spectrum of physical light, but beyond. I could taste them, feel them radiating throughout my etheric body. As I approached my visitor, the silence suddenly changed into a vibration of power and not knowingly I pronounced the word “Maahaaaakaaaaaliiiiii”.

Standing face to face with an intimidating, mystical force of pure beauty and wisdom, I felt the anxiety coming up. “The Mother, the principle of consciousness. She is indivisible Reality, Awareness, and Bliss. The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark.” This quote would later mean a lot more to me than just poetry.

Asking a simple question seemed out of the question as there were no answers, only visions. Suddenly her appearance changed into a more peaceful form. There was no time nor space. Her necklace of decapitated human heads turned into a chain of flames reflecting on her blue skin, slightly floating into the air and expanding until it reached out to my right hand. As I grabbed the source of power, she placed the khadga she was holding on top of my head and filled my crown chakra with the light of destruction. Not to kill, but to create, for there has to be a void prior to enlighten a being with this primeval energy.

Then I felt thunder strike and she suddenly disappeared. What turned out to be only a couple of minutes seemed like hours inside the gnosis state, yet to end the conversation with more questions than I ever had. Was I to doubt everything I’ve ever considered to be important in the field of magick? Was this a reflexion of my own thought-forms or an external oracle whispering me gentle but firm statements about the reality of reality itself?

With the Shaktagiti still echoing onto my inner-self, I felt the energy devoted to her by tantrics in its purest form. I didn’t feel reborn, I felt created out of a new, distinct type of energy. The duality of good and evil became a singularity and everything made sense. I had witnessed the feminine form of kalam, the black alchemist, the opposite of love turning into love just by being…

“Oh Mother of the word-transforming and world-ilumining Fiery Dance, O Mother, you are at once the destruction-flood of Concern-Light and Compassion-Ocean. For our heart’s aspiration-flame.” – Sri Chinmoy